The Taptastic Network LLC has made major strides in providing interactive and educational programing for children, seniors and community organizations. We are constanly innovating and adapting during these unpresidented times. We want to continue our work, but we need your help. Donations from supporters like you will help us reach more people safetly and effectively. 

New developing  educational programs include:


"Mr. Taptastic Goes to Harlem,"

This is a new show which pushes the boundries of arts education and performance by virtually visiting the past and paying tribute to the legacy of the Harlem Renaissance through song and dance.

Tap Songs and Interactive Music Videos

Research shows that learning through music is highly beneficial to child developement, socialization and motor function. In a nutshell, music and dance are wholistic learning tools which also happen to be... FUN! This is precisely why the Taptastic Network  LLC is producing original content to teach tap dancing through interactive music videos.

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